Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trader Joes Dripless Candles

I LOVE these candles from Trader Joes.  They are perfect for your table.  8 per pack for $3.00- Taper type candles with no drip.  They burn for a long time too!

Here is a blog where some wrote about them as well:

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  1. Just got back from driving over 20 miles round trip to the closest TJ store, St. Paul, MN only to discover they've discontinued these wonderful candles because they hadn't been selling well. It's too bad they didn't try some creative marketing to educate the local consumers before simply abandoning them altogether. I even wrote to the company via the TJ website and received a polite response saying they have no plans to reinstate the candles anytime soon. Maybe if there are enough of us customers throughout the country that protest, they'd bring these great candles back. : (