Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FlipFold Product Review

Have you ever been in a clothing store and wonder how their clothes are folded so perfect?  Most stores use FlipFold.  This is a great product that I had the chance to review. did provide me the product for my review.


When I got the FlipFold I wondered how easy is this going to be, is it really all that it is made out to be, and mostly can my kids use it so they can help out with laundry?  The answer is YES to all these questions.

The FlipFold is very easy to use.  You get a sheet that tells you how to fold all the different types of clothing that you would be folding.  My son even figured out how to fold towels on it.  Whatever gets him to help I will accept!

My son was very interested in the FlipFold when it arrived at our door step.  He grabbed clothes out of his drawer and started to fold them all.  He was loving every minute of helping.  I knew right then in there that I would like this product.

The best experience I have had with the FlipFold was packing for vacation.  I was able to fold all my clothes very neatly and compact so we could pack in a lot smaller bags just because of the way our clothes were folded.  My fear when packing was "Will I be able to get it all back in this way?".  I did because the FlipFold is so thin I was able to throw it in my trunk.

I love having my clothes folded so neatly in just a few seconds and most of all that my kids can help and do a good job. 

Check out the product for yourself and see what you think!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Customized Countdown Sign

We love to countdown to things in our, a special day, holidays, school events, summer...I would love to make this simple but adorable sign.  Here is a website that tells you how!

Funny Sign

This sign made me laugh!

Memory Jar

I was searching Pinterest and I came across this Memory Jar idea.  I LOVE capturing memories especially with the kids.  Kids do say the best things and often make you laugh so hard.  So why not capture them throughout the year and have a good laugh or cry at the end of the year.  Very simple but cute idea!

Here is the website where I found the idea:

Alphabet Printable

I was looking online for worksheets to do with the kids and I had a friend share this website with me. 

Check it out!  You can do lots of activities!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

E-Mealz- a meal planning website

I just signed up for FitMarriage and they are doing a giveaway from E-mealz.  I want to try this so bad even it I don't win the giveaway.

It is a site where you choose the type of grocery list you want and to what to store.  They will then send it to you on a certain day.  You will save:
1- Money because you will have a meal plan and they match it up with the sale prices at the store you choose
2- Time because you print a shopping list in line with the aisles at your store.

I am so excited to look around some more.

Here is the link to the giveway!
I just entered to win 3 months of FREE meal plans from @EMEALZ courtesy of @FitMarriage and you can join me…plus get 10% off when you sign up on your own!