Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Park Passport

This is an idea I saw on Pinterest and so I took the concept and we are going to try and do it.
We are going to try and visit several parks in our city.  We live in Livonia, MI so some of this might not apply to those reading but you could take the concept for your own city.

The idea is we go, have a picnic and play.  Of course we take lots of pictures, especially one my the sign.  We will then print the picture and put it on paper and write what we all liked best about the  park.  After it is completed we will put it in a sheet protector and in our Summer 3-Ring Binder.

Livonia Parks
All have playgrounds
  • Beverly Park
    • Merriman and 6 Mile
  • Bicenntennial Park
    • 7 Mile and Newburgh
  • Bluegrass Park
    • Newburgh and 5 Mile
  • Botsford Park
    • 7 Mile and Middlebelt
  • Castle Gardens Park
    • 96 and Newburgh
  • Clements Circle Park
    • West Chicago and Middelbelt
  • Country Homes Park
    • Yale and Plymouth
  • Devon-Aire Woods Park
    • West Chicago and Merriman
  • Elm Park
    • Inkster and Plymouth
  • Greenwood Park
    • 5 Mile and Newburgh
  • Harry Wolfe Park
    • 5 Mile and Merriman
  • Jaycee Park
    • Farmington & 7 Mile
  • John F Dooley Park
    • 96 and Middlebelt
  • Livonia Community Rec. Center
    • 5 Mile and Merriman
  • Meadows Park
    • Inkster and 6 Mile
  • Mies Park
    • West Chicago and Merriman
  • Nash Park
    • Lyndon and 5 Mile
  • Pastor Park
    • Lyndon and 96
  • Rotary Park
    • 6 Mile and Hubbard
  • Shelden Park
    • Farmington and Plymouth
  • Stymelski Veterans Park
    • 96 and Farmington
  • Wilson Acres Park
    • West Chicago and Joy Road
  • Wilson Barn
    • Middlebelt and Plymouth


So I seen this fun idea on Pinterest to make a plain WELCOME TO SUMMER sign.  But I did something a little different.

We were able to share it with some friends and the kids were so EXCITED.  Something they will never forget!!!

Drive In Movie Birthday Party

On June 17th we celebrated my sons 6th Birthday with a Drive In Movie Theme.  We had a blast with it.  Actually I think I had more fun with it then the kids did. 

Here are some pictures from the party!

These were the party favors.  I bought the Popcorn cups at Target in the dollar section.  I got the treat bags at Hobby Lobby.  In the treat bags are a microwaveable popcorn bag, a tube of Mini m&m's, glow sticks and dubble bubble gum.

 We wanted to set the big screen up outside but it didn't get dark until way too late so we moved it inside to the backroom.  Featured movie was Despicable Me!
 My Concession Stand.  I gave every kid 6 tickets.  They could get a certain amount of items for tickets.
One Ticket per Item
  • Capri Sun
  • Lemonade
  • Popcorn
  • Hot Dog
  • Mini Kit Kat
  • Mini m&m's
  • 3 Hershey Kisses
  • 2 Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • 3 Twizzlers
  • 2 Airhead Sour Strips

 A big picture with the delicious cupcakes
 Our popcorn cupcakes.  I made cupcakes with a cake mix.  I used Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting Betty Crocker.  I used white miniature marshmallows and yellow miniature marshmallows for the popcorn.  I used a knife and put a cut them in half (not all the way throw just enough to make them look like popcorn).  I put a mixture on each cupcake and there you have it!
 My popcorn machine and hot dog set up.  I just put hot dogs in a crock pot with some water for a few hours and they were ready to serve.
 Here are the cars for the drive in.  I bought large moving boxes from Home Depot.  I cut off one of the sides and then taped it all up.  I bought large black plates for the wheels and stirring wheel and small yellow plates for the headlights.  The kids then decorated them with markers and had fun!
Here are the boys in their cars.  They wanted to race them - surprise I was dealing with 8 Kindergarten boys!!

The boxes were a great thing because during the movie they stayed in them and ate all their snacks in them plus if we need to get control we just said "Everyone get in your box".  It was great!

This party was the most fun I have ever had from the planning all the way through the kids going home!

Hope someone else will have fun with the idea!!!

Here are a few links that SO helped me in planning.
Whole party idea:   http://partiesandholidays.blogspot.com/2009/01/drive-in-movie-night.html
Cupcakes: http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/popcorn-cupcakes-686323/
Party Supplies: http://shop.hobbylobby.com/party-supplies/themed-party-supplies/carnival-party-supplies/

My Garden!!!

On May 22nd I planted a garden for the first time.  I was determined to do it because I LOVE fresh tomatoes!  Also I wanted to get my kids involved with it all and maybe spark more interest for eating vegetables.

Here are some pictures of my garden at the very beginning.  I need to take pictures this week because it has grown SO much.

 All tore up ready to go!
Putting our fencing up so no little rabbits visit it.
I planted 3 tomato plants, 4 Zucchini plants, 4 Green Pepper plants, 4 Red Pepper plants, 4 Yellow Pepper plants, 4 Lettuce, 4 Cucumber plants and 4 onion.  I also have 2 basil plants in pots.  I am just so excited about this garden and the veggies that are going to come soon!!!

I bought most of my plants at a local Flower shop called Flower King here in Livonia.  Also my in-laws bought some from Eastern Market downtown Detroit.

My garden on June 22nd!!!  So big - I love it!!!  Can't wait for the fruits of it!!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Turn Your Backyard Into A Campground on June 25th

I was at REI today and got an REI Kids' Adventure Journal.  It has lots of fun stuff for the kids to do in it.  But in the back of the book was...
Turn Your Backyard Into A Campground on June 25th!
Join in the fun as campers across the nation head outdoors for the Great American Backyard Campout.  It happens the fourth Saturday of every June.  It's a fun, easy way to get outside with your family, friends and neighbors.

Visit www.rei.com/family-adventure for more info

Here is another website the REI leads you too.

I hope we can do this but if not it will be on the calendar for next year but also for another night this summer.  They give you great ideas too!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Winner of the Magnetic Responsibility Board is....

Anonymous said...
BETH LINDELL: This is my fourth attempt at leaving a comment so you can tell I really want this. lol. I know there are a lot of mom's out there that are ready to put this in use right now but i still have a few years before I make Evelyn do chores. However, i feel it's never to early to prepare and get ready. I think it's actually great for just my hubby and I. I love organization tools, like borderline obsessed with them. So when i saw this i realized that i'm gonna need it. So that's why you should pick me : )

Winner chosen through...
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Magnet Responsibility Chart Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

As a parent, I have stressed about raising responsible children.  Everything from helping around the house to being kind to others.  When processing all that I think about I also begin to try and think how many chores are too much or what should I expect from my children.  I have a 5 year old and 2 year old and I know they can help around the house but I couldn’t figure out how to keep track and keep them accountable in a fun kid friendly way.  I have tried to create multiple chores charts - some are kid friendly but too short, some are so long that my children will never understand them.  I am sure they look at it and become overwhelmed.  

I came across this great product on Families With Purpose - Melissa & Doug Magnet Responsibility Chart.  Families With Purpose is a great resource website for families and has great encouragement too.  Their mission is “We inspire and enable parents to create a meaningful family life for themselves and their children by providing products, resources, and services which empower parents to take control of their family life and build a warm and loving home.”  I think this is so amazing to me as a mom.  

Families With Purpose sent me this product to review for them.  For those who read this blog you will be able to enter a giveaway for your very own Magnet Responsibility Chart!!!!!!  I love a giveaway, so enter! (See the bottom of this post for the giveaway.  DISCLOSURE:  I did receive a free Responsibility Magnetic Chart from Families With Purpose that has enabled me to do this review)

Here is how we are currently using the chart in our home.
We have hung the chart in a place where we see it all day.  We didn’t put it in Bryson’s room or is a corner.  I knew if we did that we would not use it.  This chart is heavy and made very very well.

Every week Bryson (my 5 year old son) and I sit down and pick out the 7 responsibilities from the 27 magnets provided that he will focus on for the week.  We place them in the spaces next to the days of the weeks.  I love that we can change them out easily each week and change things up.  They also give you 2 white blank magnets to write your own responsibilities on.  

With the chart, you get 63 reward magnets that are super cute smile faces.  When they accomplish a responsibility they place a reward magnet next to the responsibility magnet under the correct day of the week.  

Bryson is finding this so enjoyable and it keeps him engaged in what he needs to do throughout the week.  One rule we have is you must do the responsibilities with a positive attitude or you don’t get a reward magnet.  

At the end of the week, if Bryson gets 30 reward magnets he earns his small allowance and a slurpee or Icee from where ever he chooses.  His allowance is set at $3 a week right now.  He has three jars - Save, Spend, Give.  He puts a dollar in each one.  We are doing it this way until he understands the math of how to split up his money for Giving and Saving.  This has worked well for him.  

Families with Purpose has many many more amazing products that I can’t wait to look at and try.

Okay now is the time - this is how you can enter the giveaway... (U.S. Residents ONLY)
  • Leave a comment on this blog about how this chart would help your family
  • Visit Families With Purpose and leave a comment on this blog about another product that would help you.

Additional ways to enter... (come back and leave a comment separately for each one that you do.)
Winner will be randomly drawn on June 15th!!  Winner will be notified by email.
HAVE FUN!!!!!!

**I will add my own pictures tomorrow!