Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Garden!!!

On May 22nd I planted a garden for the first time.  I was determined to do it because I LOVE fresh tomatoes!  Also I wanted to get my kids involved with it all and maybe spark more interest for eating vegetables.

Here are some pictures of my garden at the very beginning.  I need to take pictures this week because it has grown SO much.

 All tore up ready to go!
Putting our fencing up so no little rabbits visit it.
I planted 3 tomato plants, 4 Zucchini plants, 4 Green Pepper plants, 4 Red Pepper plants, 4 Yellow Pepper plants, 4 Lettuce, 4 Cucumber plants and 4 onion.  I also have 2 basil plants in pots.  I am just so excited about this garden and the veggies that are going to come soon!!!

I bought most of my plants at a local Flower shop called Flower King here in Livonia.  Also my in-laws bought some from Eastern Market downtown Detroit.

My garden on June 22nd!!!  So big - I love it!!!  Can't wait for the fruits of it!!!!!!

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