Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Park Passport

This is an idea I saw on Pinterest and so I took the concept and we are going to try and do it.
We are going to try and visit several parks in our city.  We live in Livonia, MI so some of this might not apply to those reading but you could take the concept for your own city.

The idea is we go, have a picnic and play.  Of course we take lots of pictures, especially one my the sign.  We will then print the picture and put it on paper and write what we all liked best about the  park.  After it is completed we will put it in a sheet protector and in our Summer 3-Ring Binder.

Livonia Parks
All have playgrounds
  • Beverly Park
    • Merriman and 6 Mile
  • Bicenntennial Park
    • 7 Mile and Newburgh
  • Bluegrass Park
    • Newburgh and 5 Mile
  • Botsford Park
    • 7 Mile and Middlebelt
  • Castle Gardens Park
    • 96 and Newburgh
  • Clements Circle Park
    • West Chicago and Middelbelt
  • Country Homes Park
    • Yale and Plymouth
  • Devon-Aire Woods Park
    • West Chicago and Merriman
  • Elm Park
    • Inkster and Plymouth
  • Greenwood Park
    • 5 Mile and Newburgh
  • Harry Wolfe Park
    • 5 Mile and Merriman
  • Jaycee Park
    • Farmington & 7 Mile
  • John F Dooley Park
    • 96 and Middlebelt
  • Livonia Community Rec. Center
    • 5 Mile and Merriman
  • Meadows Park
    • Inkster and 6 Mile
  • Mies Park
    • West Chicago and Merriman
  • Nash Park
    • Lyndon and 5 Mile
  • Pastor Park
    • Lyndon and 96
  • Rotary Park
    • 6 Mile and Hubbard
  • Shelden Park
    • Farmington and Plymouth
  • Stymelski Veterans Park
    • 96 and Farmington
  • Wilson Acres Park
    • West Chicago and Joy Road
  • Wilson Barn
    • Middlebelt and Plymouth

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