Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Organize: Using Google Reader

I was introduced to Google Reader a few weeks ago and I have fallen in love with it.  I was not much of a blog follower but now I love following Blogs because it is easy and in one place.  It is simple to sign up and get started.  You need a gmail account in order to use Google Reader.  You don't have to use it necessary just sign up for one.  I use Google Gmail, Google Documents and Google Reader.

But here is how to use Google Reader

-Go to and click more, then click Reader
-Log In if you are not logged in already

-Once you are in to Google Reader, you will start to add your subscriptions.  Up top is add subscription, paste the web address in the field and Add.

-Once you add you will see it added to the bottom of your account under Subscriptions

-Now it works like an Email Inbox.  You will see on the menu "All Items" this will show you how many are unread in- Example: All Items (12)
-To read the blog entries there is two ways.  First, you can Click "All Items" and they will all appear or Second, under Subscriptions you can click on the individual blogs that show new post.
Below you will see my screen image, you will see 1 new item.  If you look at the main part of the screen you will see it is bold and the one I have already read is light blue.

-Once you scroll over the blog entries, the number will be deducted off "All Items" or next to the blog name. Below you will see that I read the entry and now what it looks like.

-If you are reading a blog and you want to keep it as unread, at the bottom of the blog post you can click unread.
-If you like the blog post you can star it.

There is other features that I am still looking into as well.  It is really great and think everyone should try!

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  1. Google Reader ROCKS! Isn't it great? I was introduced to it last year! Great post =)