Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Children: Harvest Healthy Kids

Bryson just got his first birthday invitation from a kid in his kindergarten class and he is so excited!  Of course I am excited too because it is at this place in Livonia called Harvest Healthy Kids.  I looked them up on the web and it looks like a great place.  They offer lots of programs for kids so I think I am going to try one out with Keelin just to see how it is and then we will check it out for the birthday party too!

Here is the link if you live in the area:  http://www.harvesthealthykids.com/

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  1. Awww yay! It's so fun when your kids get invited to birthday parties. I remember Kelly getting her first invite when she was in Kindergarten. Now she is heading into the third grade waaahhh lol Anyways, I have heard about that place and wanted to check it out. Thanks for posting the link! See you next Tuesday, maybe we will get a chance to talk more. I felt so left out last week, everyone I knew at my table was out with sick kids, oh well!