Sunday, February 27, 2011

Organize: Financial Peace University

I know many of you have heard of FPU or Dave Ramsey.  Well we took the class last spring and loved it.  It was so helpful and informative.  We have put many of the principals into practice.  If you can find a class in your area I would encourage you to take it.

It will help you get perspective on your spending and savings.  I have always left most of the financial issues up to Shawn - so don't ask me about retirement, IRA's, Mortgages...  Through FPU I did learn about many financial issues that I never understood because Dave speaks the simple language about them.

Dave Ramsey is very funny and really keeps you attention the whole time.  The resources he provides are unbelievable.  If you take the class, make sure you buy the packet because it is worth your money.  Also if you take the class once you become a lifetime member and can take the class for free again and again and again.

FPU helped us with our budgeting especially going to cash only!

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