Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Children: The Five Love Languages of Children

A book that I have been reading while on the treadmill is The Five Love Languages of Children.  It is a very interesting and challenging book.  In my momLife group one of the moms spoke up when we were talking about discipline and said that through reading this book she learned how to discipline her child and have it work.  It talks about each child having a prominent l love language but not until they are after 5 years old.  Before the age of 5, the child need all the love languages and one doesn't stand out.  As they get older, they still need all the love languages but one of them will be dominant.  Just like "The Five Love Languages" for adults they are the same for kids.

1.  Quality Time
2.  Words of Affirmation
3.  Physical Touch
4.  Gifts
5.  Acts of Service

I have come to the conclusion that Bryson's love language is Quality Time and Physical Touch.  This is how he feels most loved.  Since being home with the kids I have set a specific time to play with each child separately so they each get my full attention. 

Before reading this book, Bryson would say "Can you play with me?"  I would say, "In a minute".  As a parent you know the minute turns into hours so fast and the child keeps bugging you.  So my time with Bryson is right after lunch and when Keelin goes to bed.  I LOVE to play games and so does Bryson so that is how we spend our time together - UNO, Chute and Ladders, Manacala, Guess Who?, Connect 4, War, Go Fish...the list goes on.  I have noticed that his behavior is better throughout the afternoon and he doesn't bother me after that. 

I am so thankful for this book and I have figured out the discipline in their love language principal yet but I have made my life easier by understanding Bryson's love language!

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