Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Celebration March 17, 2011

Today is St. Patrick's Day and we are celebrating!  B had no school today either so we had to do something to make the day go by.

Let me into our day!
We started the morning with my favorite childhood cereal:

 Next we did a Scavenger Hunt- I did the little riddles and I am not that creative so don't laugh.  The kids loved it!

My Shamrocks

The First One- Where you find a knife and fork so you can eat your pork.

Second was Where we sit and cuddle tight especially when it becomes night
Third was Where we make our cake and then we watch it bake

Fourth was Where you scrub a dub dub in a great big tub tub

Fourth was Where we watch our favorite TV show, you know Wipe Out Yo

Sixth was Where you lay your head at night and sleep until the morning light

Under their pillows were a few treats- Kee Kee's

B's Treats
 For lunch we had a wonderful yummy fun spread
Took Refrigerated Bread sticks and made clovers - sprinkled them with green sugar and cinnamon and baked them!

Pot of Gold Jello, Bread stick Clover, Green Mac-n-Cheese and Green Kool-Aid

Next we did our rainbow cupcakes for dinner tonight- Yummy!

This is what we did for St. Patty's Day!!!!

For more details on how to celebrate check out my previous blog entry at

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