Monday, March 21, 2011

Handy Gadget: Quesadilla Maker

I am sure you have seen it before a "Quesadilla Maker".  I always wanted one but just didn't want to buy one.  Well my mother-in-law got one and didn't use it that much so she let me have it - yah!!!!!!!  I am SO happy about this new addition to my kitchen appliances.  I love Quesadilla's because you can create whatever you want on it and it is definitely great for when lots of people come over. 

Some may think, why would I need this for one meal every so often.  Okay so let me tell you that you can make Breakfast Quesadillas, Use it for a fast, healthy warm lunch or even for dessert. 
The dessert I made was delicious- use two torts, apple pie filling- cook it and then spread some butter and cinnamon & sugar on it and serve with Ice Cream- Delicious!!!

Here is one that I found on Amazon just in case you are not sure what it looks like:

Quesadilla Maker on Amazon

I am sure you can find one in a garage sale this summer!

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  1. LOVE mine too! I love that I can customize my quesadilla and leave the kids a little more plain. We use it almost once a mine at a garage sale for $5.00!!! Can't wait to try breakfast and dessert ones too!