Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner Menu for Week March 12th-19th

I decide to share my menu for the week.  Maybe it will help give you ideas on how to plan your weeks menu.  This week is very simple.  Eat what we have:)

Saturday 12th- Marlboro's Man Sandwich, Mac-N-Cheese, Flat Apple Pie (From The Pioneer Woman Cookbook)
Sunday 13th- Beef Stew (Pre-Packaged at Wal-Mart)
Monday 14th- Mac-N-Cheese (from the box)
Tuesday 15th- Pierogis and Sausage (Mrs. T Frozen Pierogis- delicious)
Wednesday 16th- Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
Thursday 17th- St. Patrick's Day Meal- Pesto Pasta, Salad, Rainbow Cupcakes
Friday 18th- Eat Out (Going to pick up my niece and nephew)
Saturday 19th- Hamburger, Fries and Ice Cream dipped in chocolate (My niece's birthday)
Sunday 20th- Eat Out (Taking my niece and nephew home)

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