Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reading: Books I Have Been Reading

I wanted to share with you some books I have been reading.  I am a sporadic readers so I have many books going at one time.  Some I just browse through.

Pottywise- I need to start potty training Keelin.  So I am refreshing myself since it has been 2 years since Bryson was potty trained.
Preschoolwise- Now that I am home with Keelin all day I am learning that she can be a big stinker so I have to structure her day and make sure she is on a good schedule and I am disciplining her correctly.
Childwise- With Bryson he is going through the stage where everything is done his way so I am reading to learn how to train him to make some decisions for himself but also let him know that we are in charge.
Parenting with Love and Logic- Using this as a reference.  Great book!

 Be CentsAble- Easy read and great tips

Clean Home Green Home- This has great ways to clean and with all natural products.  Once I get organized I am going to post the recipes for different cleaning solutions.  I think it will save money plus be better for our household.  With children in the house it makes me very nervous to have chemicals around that could harm them especially when there is natural solutions that clean just as well out there.

**A lot of these books I do get at the library.  I have fallen in love with the library - what a great free resource we have.  Our library is within a network so if they don't have it at the local library but it is within the network chain you can get it.  You place it on hold and it is delivered to your local library for you!

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