Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organizing Pictures and creating Photo Books to capture memories

I LOVE pictures especially once we had kids.  Don't get me wrong I loved them before kids but kids are such easy people to take pictures of.  With having kids and building our family, I want to make sure I capture every memory (or as many as I can).  I used to paper scrapbook all the time but I just didn't have time to do it anymore.  You know how it is - dragging out all the stuff late at night when the kids were sleeping, only getting a few pages done, putting it all away and not pulling it out again for another month.  I just could not keep up on it so I went digital.

One day I went to order pictures from Costco and they have a program they use called MyPublisher.  It is a very very simple program which I like because I can use it and I can do it fast.  There are other fancy digital scrapbooking sites out there but I have stayed for now with MyPublisher because they run great deals too.  When I am creating my photobooks I want as many pictures as possible and some explanation.  I have come up with a pretty good lay out that I like.  I do a family book for each year and then if we do a special vacation I will do a separate photobook because there always tends to be a lot of pictures:)

In my family book, I start off with an intro page to compile the year for the Begley family.
I organize the pictures by month.  This way I can work on it throughout the year.
At the beginning of each month, I do a page with the Month and Year and then I do a split page.  On side is Bryson and Keelin's milestones and the other side is all the events we did that month.  Then I fill the pages to follow with pictures to reflect the month and the events.  You can choose many different styles and you can print up to 100 pages. 

Once I complete the book, I upload it to the site and have it printed.

Here is two that I have done:

The Begley Family 2009 Book

The Begley Family Disney Vacation 2010 Book

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