Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organizing Front Closet- Shoes

Since moving to Grandpa's house we have a front closet.  This is where we keep coats and shoes.  I hate all the shoes being everywhere so here is what my closet looks like.

I got these baskets at the Dollar Tree.  The green basket has some hats and gloves in it.  The Red basket is Keelin's shoes and the Blue basket is Bryson's shoes.  Mine and Shawn's go on the racks.  We also have a hall tree that has a place for a few pairs of shoes so that is where the wet shoes go so they don't get the other shoes wet.

The baskets have worked great for the kids.  I like to have the shoes lined up nicely and they just don't do that so the baskets have relieved me and they know exactly what to do.

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