Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Organizing Toys

With kids automatically toys come along with them.  With two kids, 5 and 2, we have lots of toys.  Not only two kids but a boy and a girl so we have different toys.

I have found that the fabric drawers are the best for organizing the kids toys.  Bryson has 2 shelves in his room with his boxes on them and also some under his bed.  Each box is for a certain toy group (trains, cars, woody, buzz, tech decks, tools & doctor stuff, of course a miscellaneous box for the odds and ends).  I have put all games in Bryson's closet so they are not pulled all over the place but I have to get them down for him.  With Keelin around things get lost very easily.

For Christmas, Keelin is getting her boxes now that she has toys that will fit into them. As a baby you have big toys and now she has baby dolls with accessories, doll house, kitchen accessories, dress up clothes and other little girl toys.

With the new house I am wanting to make an area in the backroom for toys so Keelin has hot pink boxes and Bryson has navy blue.  I love them and they are inexpensive too.  Target and Wal-Mart both carry them.  Target usually runs some good deals on them. (Called Fabric Drawers).

This is Bryson's room

This is in our back room.  I want to get a bookshelf or something better but this will due for now.

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