Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Organizing Movies

My son LOVES movies.   A few years ago I was with my nephew and he went to get the DVD out of the case and snapped it in half.  So learning that hard lesson I had to figure out something for Bryson so he would not break every DVD we bought.  Plus I would hate to have all the DVD cases out somewhere.  Not just because of looks but because the kids would spend most of the day pulling them off the shelf and I would spend most of my day picking them up.

I bought some boxes that are perfect for the DVD's. I bought them at Target - square, brown cloth boxes with CD/DVD sleeves inside.  They hang like filing folders.  You could organize by number or name but with a kid that is impossible to teach that system.  They hold a lot of CD/DVD's and works perfect for Bryson and looks good for me.

I like these boxes to because they are easy to put away if Bryson needs to have them taken away because of ugly behavior.  I just grab two boxes and put them in the closet and not tons of DVD cases.

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