Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Organize: Organizing Magazine Articles

I LOVE magazines and all the great ideas they provide.  I have a problem with magazines though - how do you keep them all since they all have good stuff?  I found a system that works for me.

I have 5 binders that I use:
1- Decorating - in most magazines - Pottery Barn, Real Simple...I find some great decorating ideas.
2- Recipes - in every magazine I find recipes that I like
3- Children - in my Parents and Family Fun magazines I find tons of things about children - activities, guidance...
4- Tip Talk - in Woman's Day they have a section called Tip Talk that are great little handy tid bits
5- Projects- gift ideas, kids projects

These are the different articles that I like to keep and so I have them organized in one of the binders.  Once I am done reading the magazine completely I rip out the articles I want to keep, put them in sheet protectors and put them into one of my binders.

My Binders for Magazine Articles (Sorry they are backwards for you)

Thanks to my cousin Brooke, she has been sending two magazines to me "HomeLife" and "ParentLife" so I will be adding another binder of spiritual/life direction.  These magazines deal with life, marriage, work and parenting.  I have grown to love these two magazines.

My Decoration Binder - A babies room idea and a bathroom sink idea


  1. that's a great idea!! do you ever really reference back to them? i save things but always forget to go back

  2. I love this idea and need to use it for myself!