Monday, August 2, 2010

Organize: Organizing Kids Clothes

Today I ventured into organizing the kids clothes.  I have a 5 year old boy, Bryson and a 21 month old, Keelin.  With fall coming I am having to take inventory of what they have in their closets and what they are in need of for the next season.  I went through and weeded out the clothes that are going to be too small for them in the next season.  After getting all of the clothes out, I then retrieved my Rubbermaid Totes from the garage and put the same sizes together.  I made a tote for 5T Boy Clothes and a tote for 18-24 month Girl Clothes.  If you could only see my garage and how many totes I have you would know that I am addicted to Rubbermaid Totes.  I love the Purple Rough Tough ones!  They are durable and stackable.

After getting the closets cleaned out, I took inventory of what I needed for both kids for the fall.  I love to keep the clothes choices simple and flexible.  I don't buy specific outfits but outfits that can interchange with each other.  I keep the shoes simple too.  I can't believe how fast the kids grow out of clothes and I don't have a huge budget to buy tons of clothes.  I visited Once Upon A Child today in Ann Arbor and was amazingly shocked at all I found.  I got Bryson 3 pairs of pants, a pair of shoes, 2 shirts, a pair of flannel PJ's and Keelin 2 pants, 3 dresses all for $50.  Most of them were Old Navy brand which if I went to Old Navy I would have spent $50 just on Bryson's pants.  They are all in great condition and now I just need a few more things to complete their fall wardrobe.

Their closets and dressers are cleaned out and organized.  I feel accomplished!!

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  1. Love those rubbermaids!!! I just went through Autumn's closet to get inventory and see what I need to I need to do the boys room and then get out the rubbermaids for Levi's clothes!!!
    One tip I have for my boys especially is buying their jeans at Sears. If they get a hole before they grow out of can take them back and get a new pair in the same size. My boys are really rough on jeans and pants so it works great for me. They do have good sales and reasonable prices too!