Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Organize: Organizing Files and Paperwork

My organizing area in the dining room.  Sorter has lots of everyday stuff.  The top is my Brain In a Binder (I will share someday with you all).  The middle is my file box.  The bottom is supplies.  The Calendar is great to keep the basic info.  I put the invites and all details of an event in my Brain In A Binder so I can go there and grab what I need instead of trying to fit it all on the calendar.
About two weeks ago I took a day off a work to relax but also to organize my files and paperwork.  I just kept shoving papers in file folders in the cabinet but I was tired of the craziness going on.  So I decided to CLEAN OUT!!  I took all the paperwork that wasn't necessary and put it in a garbage bag to burn (too much for me to shred).  I kept only the paperwork that was recent.  Lots of bills and paperwork can be found online so this is why I decided to clean out.  It felt so good.  I also needed to add files, change names of files and separate some files.  I got the label maker out and made labels for all the files.  It looks so nice and organized!!!  Watch out because I could easily label everything in the house!

I like to organize my files by the name of the company not by month or date.  In my dining room I have an expandable file box that fits in my organizer that I have on my wall they I immediately put the mail in that needs to be paid or filed.  At the beginning of each month when I do the bills, I clean out the bills to be paid slot and then I do the filing for the month.  I like this system because it is not overwhelming to me because it is once a month.  I will post pictures of my filing cabinet and also my dining room organizer.

In my storage closet, I keep the very important past documents pretty much just taxes:)  This way I go to it once a year and I don't have those items taking up space in my file cabinet that has current information stored.

I have a book called Organizing From The Inside Out and it has some great tips especially depending our your personality and what would work for you.  it also goes through each room, closet in your house and gives you tips on how to clean out, sort and organize.  Great Book!!!

Here is a link to the book on Amazon:
My portable file box that I put things in when the mail comes in and then I file from here once a month.

My labeled filing cabinet.  I was going to line them all up but that will come some day.  Just happy they are all labeled.


  1. I can't wait to see the Brain in a Binder!!! I am so excited you are doing this BLOG!!! I love it! I love to organize too and have big plans to get busy when the kids get in school and Levi is napping!

  2. I love your wall organizer. Where did you get it? I want one. Love your ideas!! Thanks for sharing them.