Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Valentine Cards

We did it!! I found this idea on Pinterest and we accomplished them. I love them and the kids do too. It was easy to do. Take a picture of your kid, load it to your computer. I search google for a website for adding text to a picture since I don't have photoshop. There I put the wording on the pictures. I uploaded the images to Costco. Keelin I picked a border and Bryson's I just printed. Once I got them I took a razor blade no not a shower razor but one for a utility knife and made slits where the suckers went. When making the slits I put the picture on a cutting board. Once the skits are in put the sucker in the slits and you are done.

If your school is like mine they don't want names on the cards. It usually takes too longer for the kids to pass them out. Plus if you kid is in preschool you have to do all the work so make it easy on yourself!

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