Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Valentine Mailboxes

I seen this on pinterest and wanted to do it. I posted earlier with the link to the original.

Here is what I did
Target- got mailboxes in dollar section. I got the black sticker letters in the scrapbook section. Enough to make our names. I also got fun stickers to put on the notes too!
I bought the pink bucket in the dollar section for the notecards but that was in the fall. They may have something there still.

Dollar Store- I bought these glass candle holders. I came home and spray painted them black. I also bought a small notebook with different colors of papers to use for notes. I cut them in half when I got home.

Once the paint was dry I out gorilla glue on the top of the candleholder and put the mailbox on top of it. Let them dry completely before using the mailboxes.

Now we are ready to write sweet and encouraging notes to each other. Once someone puts a note in don't forget to put up the flag!! As valentines gets closer we may do treats too.

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