Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Cleaning Week 1

So I made some progress in my spring cleaning but not in the order I thought I would do them.

  • I cleaned out the upstairs bathroom and the linen closet.  I threw away old meds, bath toys (my kids like showers now and those toys just get so nasty), scrubbed down the walls and floors, sink and toliet.
  • Cleaned and reorganized Keelin's room and closet.  Got lots of stuff out of her room for our garage sale.
  • Cleaned and reorganized Bryson's room and closet.  He wanted to keep SO much stuff but we managed to clean some stuff out for the garage sale plus put away clothes he has grown out of.
  • Our room- rearranged and some what cleaned out our closet.  Washed ALL our bedding- Mattress Cover, Heated Mattress Cover, Duvet Cover...So refreshing!
  • Hallway Closet- Reorganized and washed all our winter gear and put it away for the summer!  I still need to get a basket to complete this project for the workout DVDs I have in there.
  • Cleaned and reorganized the kitchen and wiped down the cabinets and walls.
  • Cleaned and wiped down the walls in the dining room.
It was a start to a great feeling of organization and cleanliness!!!!  HAPPY SPRING!!!

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