Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Organize: Moving

Our house is almost sold!  We are going through lots of paperwork with the bank and real estate agent so our prayers are still going up.  With that, Shawn's grandfather passed away over a year ago and has a house in Livonia that his dad has been working on - remodeling.  We are set to close on our house by the end of September.  With the moving day coming soon there is so much to do.  We are over at Grandpa's house painting, working on the floors, bathrooms and kitchen plus I am trying to figure out how to pack things at the current house.  I am so thankful that I have kept all my storage items in rubbermaid containers and have kept clutter out of my house.  I am one who hates to have LOTS of stuff!  I was at Home Depot and they sell great moving boxes so I think I am going to go and pick me some up!!  I have made a list for each room of how many boxes I need.  I am thankful the house is only 6 miles away from our current home so I don't have to pack for a LONG move and we can move in shifts.

Small Box - 1.3 cubic feet $.67
Medium Box- 3 cubic feet $.97
Large Box- 4.5 cubic feet $1.37
Wardrobe Box- $9.98
Bubble Wrap- 10 square feet $2.97
Bubble Wrao- 36 Square feet $6.98

Also I am going to use the office paper boxes that we get a work to pack with.  I figured they would be great for the kitchen stuff and books.

Also at UHaul they make some great labels for boxes so whoever is helping move knows where to take the boxes.  I used these on our last move and they were great!

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  1. Congrats on your upcoming move :) You will have to give me tips when we get ready to sell ours as far as getting organized blahhh LOL