Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Organize: New Update on Organizing Area at Home

Well we are all moved into our house now.  Just waiting patiently for a kitchen.  But everything else is settled in.  We are slowly getting things hung up and put in the perfect spot.  Of course there has been many times of rearranging but it is all coming together.  The basement looks a little crazy but we are hoping to tackle that this weekend.

I had to update my organizing area since we have moved so I wanted to share those pictures.  I am really loving this new set up.  I love the hooks so that Bryson can hang all of his stuff up.  In the black box there is an empty slot that he puts all his papers in from school and I check that every night, do what needs to be done and then stick it back into his bag.  In the morning time he knows where to get his backpack and lunch box from.  I also love that my printer is out now all the time instead of in the closet.  This is by far my favorite corner of the house.  It is in our backroom, which will be a room that will have some cozy funiture and some of the kids toys in it.  It is right off the kitchen so it is a great location to go to when I get the mail, to sit and pay bills, to sit and print and to just hang out while the kids play.

Wall Organizer: Ikea
Calendar and Bulletin Board: Wal-Mart
Black Organizers on Desk: Target

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