Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

So yesterday my son started Kindergarten and it was great.  Bryson's teacher is Mrs. Griffin and he is loves her.  He is meeting all kinds of new friends even though he can't remember all their names yet.

Seeing it was the first day of school, I could not believe how much paperwork came home with Bryson.  I was so thankful for my red clipboard that I have had but not really had to use.  (see previous post).  When I went through his bag I put all the paperwork in the red clipboard and once the day settled down I opened up my clipboard read all the paperwork and filled out what was needed and placed it back in his folder in his backpack.  It was so easy because I knew it was all together in my red clipboard to go through.  I didn't leave it in his backpack and happen to forget about it!  I know this red clipboard is going to come in handy because I have a feeling school is full of lots of "homework" for parents.

Bryson will be doing KSACC too so therefore we will have papers from KSACC, Kindergarten and PTA.  I am going to start off on a good note and keep it up throughout the year!!!

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