Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Pinterest Fall Projects

So I finally did some projects especially for the fall.  Take a look!  I have included a link to each of the blogs I got the ideas from.

Masterpieces- I made the boards and cut the vinyl letters out with a Cricut machine.  I fell in love with the Cricut machine!  The boards took a few hours just because of drying time.

Halloween Banner- Lots of work but cute.  It is in my front window so I couldn't get the best picture.

Prayer Pail- This is my pail that we use at night.  Each stick has a prayer request or family name and we pray for one or two sticks each night.

Tulle Fall Wreath- This was fun to do! 
This is what I used for the wreath tube part.  http://www.thepennyparlor.com/2010/09/coffee-filter-wreath.html


  1. Oh my, the Masterpiece wall is PERFECT! I love that!