Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Christmas Ornaments

I was at a neighbors house many years ago before we were married and I was looking at her Christmas tree.  She was the type of lady who had everything very uniform and all looking the same.  Her house was straight from Pottery Barn (so cute).  But as I was sitting there looking at her tree there was all sorts of ornaments and some I could see writing on.  I asked her what they were all about.  She then explained that whenever they went on a family vacation they would get an ornament from the vacation spot and then at Christmas as they were setting up the tree they would reminisce about the vacation and what they did.

When I got married, Shawn and I started collecting ornaments where ever we went and we still do to this day.  We try to get an ornament that represents what we did on that vacation.  We love Christmas time and the time we spend laughing together just remembering our fun get a ways that we had. 

Maybe you can start this simple tradition in your family!!!

(I want to post pictures but that takes me going downstairs to pull out my christmas decorations!)

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